Healing power of Art to overcome depression and anxiety

After 2 years of intense healing, I reached a point of clarity that part of why I am here, is to share the magic and healing power of art.

7 Patterns of Love

Of all the paintings and art pieces that I created during these years, 7 of them were significant and they taught me the most. I call them the “Patterns of Love” and it is my belief that they are the basic templates and patterns that are at the heart of our lives.

What are these patterns?

1.     Pattern of Endings and New beginnings – the ability to die and be reborn with each defining event in our lives

2.     Pattern of Passion- the gateway to love

3.     Pattern of Love- our breathe, DNA, karma and dharma

4.     Pattern of Surrender- the ability to fight fear

5.     Pattern of Patience- the ability to accept divine timing

6.     Pattern of Change and Transformation- the ultimate rebirth

7.     Pattern of Inspiration and Abundance- remembering why we are here

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What is Power?

I have been putting off writing what I am about to share in this post for a while now. Truth be told, I am scared. I am scared that I may not do justice to the topic I am about to write today.

I am about to write about Power.

My experience with power has been minimal. I am feeling vulnerable as I write this post.

My sister must have sensed this. She called me and I just got off the phone after watching my little nephew Khush do absolutely adorable and cute tricks on the other side of the planet in India. His energy and his innocence is inspiring me to be fearless. So here goes…

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Come Home


All that I needed, all that was required, all there was, was only me, just me

That’s it, just me

In me I found the medicine to heal, in me I found the map to return home

My medicine, color

The map, art, patterns

I am home now

It is now time for me to welcome others home and lead with my light. How will I do this? In my own magical, unique, special way, I will teach what I have learnt and welcome many home.

I can’t wait………

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Dear Body, I LOVE you

I like many women and girls grew up with several deep-rooted body issues. One of my rituals from the time I started to develop into a young woman was to stand in front of a full length mirror in the house and tightly hold back the night dress to see the silhouette of my body, checking to see if it matched the women I saw on tv and magazines. Then I would lift my dress or shirt to examine my stomach to see how flat it was, again checking to see if it was as flat as the models. I performed this meaningless ritual every morning as soon as I woke up and every night before I went to bed!

Some days I loved what I saw, other times I just wanted to curl up and disappear imagining and seeing myself as a giant! Overtime with a little confidence and self-esteem I began to see my body in a better light, but it was largely due to the admiration I received from the opposite sex. When the admiration wasn’t present, the light disappeared and the giant reappeared. The ritual was repeated over and over again everyday day and night.

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Time to say goodbye

There is a special meditative process I have for each painting. I have made some paintings in the dark with only few candles to guide me. The painting below is one of my favourite, it is called “Twin Soul”. I remember opening my eyes after a meditation in the dark, I had few tea lights on and nothing else; through the dancing flames I saw a huge burst of hearts, beautiful and bright in red, in all sizes and they had completely filled my living room. I was filled with so much delight, childlike innocence and excitement seeing these hearts, feeling their love and their message of hope and love. I am still struggling with the idea of parting with this innocent beauty…..

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I am in LOVE

I have never danced as happily and wildly as I did at this party. I was lost in the sweet embrace and healing hugs of these children who had lost so much yet had the fullest heart, brimming with love and gratitude.

Here’s a 30 sec video of the children dancing, singing and playing. In this video amongst all the gorgeous children you will also see two tall, wild, happy slightly older children…. their names are Deepthi and Shruthi ;)

Contribution was made on behalf of Divya Amin and our customers too. Children enjoyed a yummy meal, chocolates and sweets. We also donated school books, sanitary napkins, hair clips, slippers and shoes to the children.

Now tell me? How does one remain the same after experiencing such happiness, love and surrender?

Everywhere I look I see the beautiful faces of these young beings healing, ready to be empowered and be the generation that is our tomorrow.

I am proud and grateful to my sister Shruthi and her husband Shiv who created this opportunity of enlightenment and celebration of life.

I left India that night knowing that this is only the beginning.  I left feeling the deepest gratitude and love for the young ones and for Ashadeep for this life changing experience.

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My dear friend and Divya Amin fan Nathalie has embarked on a journey of deep love, light and truth. Before she left Melbourne, she took with her as many of our patterns of love as she could. Through her travels, she is seen wearing the gorgeous green and black pattern of surrender, the pink and violet pattern of love.

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