A Message for Men; Let me in

This is an article for the men out there who are scared of women.

For the men who run away as soon as there is a stirring in their heart and when they feel desire. Men who fear losing their freedom, their resources, their sanity—and for men who fear being hurt by women.

I have observed men run away from me many times. Sometimes the reason for their sudden departure was clear. Most times it was confusing; confusing because while their words justified why I wasn’t the one for them, their bodies and their eyes told a different story. Confusing because even though they claimed to want nothing from me, they kept coming back.

I am an intuitive woman and after many years of life experience, I can safely say that I know when a man desires me. I know when someone loves me, whether in the platonic or romantic sense. There is no need to explain how and why—I just know.

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