Why Some Loves feel Unfinished, even After we've Let Go

Our lives are full of friendships, relationships and encounters with others—and with some of these connections, when they’re done, they’re done.

We remember them fondly, but we never wonder what if. There is a complete sense of closure.

With other relationships, we feel the complete opposite.

Many of us have at least one relationship that ended, but we still feel as if something is unfinished. It’s as if a part of us is waiting for closure even though we know, and understand, that it’s over.

No matter how much soul-searching we do or how much we try to console our heart, we still wonder. We still wait.

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This is how I became the Queen of my own World

What does it mean to be a “Queen” in today’s world?

There are no kingdoms, and no royalty, and most of us don’t come from a royal lineage.

My friends used to refer to me as “Queen D,” and I loved being called this. When I asked them why Queen, I was told it’s because I (appeared to) have my sh*t together. I had a great job, I wore amazing clothes and always presented myself well.

Being a Queen meant, to us, someone who had their sh*t together and had a life that was sorted: great job, perfectly fit and shapely body, property owner, and have loads of money—and have an adoring partner.

Sounds spookily familiar to the stereotypes you see in magazines, TV and movies.

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A Message for Men; Let me in

This is an article for the men out there who are scared of women.

For the men who run away as soon as there is a stirring in their heart and when they feel desire. Men who fear losing their freedom, their resources, their sanity—and for men who fear being hurt by women.

I have observed men run away from me many times. Sometimes the reason for their sudden departure was clear. Most times it was confusing; confusing because while their words justified why I wasn’t the one for them, their bodies and their eyes told a different story. Confusing because even though they claimed to want nothing from me, they kept coming back.

I am an intuitive woman and after many years of life experience, I can safely say that I know when a man desires me. I know when someone loves me, whether in the platonic or romantic sense. There is no need to explain how and why—I just know.

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How I Freed Myself from the Fear of being Alone & Childless.

It was late evening, around 8:30 p.m. The sun had set and in the darkness out came two shadows; a man, a woman.

I walked out of a bar with my date in tow. I was wondering how I would let him know as kindly as possible that he is not the one for me. He looked at me hopefully as we bid goodbye. I’d love to see you again and get to know you more, he said. I said sure, too quickly, feeling a little guilty, knowing already that this was never going to happen.

I am 37 and I am single and loving every minute of it!

It took me a heck of a long time to get to this stage to openly declare, embrace and rule my kingdom of solitude. In fact, it hasn’t been that long since the words “alone” and “loneliness” left my vocabulary. In the past, every time these words were spoken I was instantly engulfed in a wet blanket of shame and sadness.

I finally get it—and boy am I laughing my way to my throne. How did I get here?

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How I Finally Healed my Father Wounds

Most of us have that one wound we most struggle to see, to understand.

It follows us all our life; festering, bleeding, unrelenting, not wanting to heal. Sometimes it will disappear for a while, only to resurface when we least expect—in our relationships with lovers, with loved ones. It appears almost always when we feel it’s finally gone.

I am referring to the wound of all wounds: scars we received from our parents.

For me, it was a father wound.

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How to Become your own Hero: 6 Steps to Developing a Pattern of Courage.

Recently I went to a dance meditation with my girlfriends.

As I walked toward the entrance of the venue I saw a familiar figure walk ahead of me. I thought, “Oh f*ck, is that him?!” As I lined up a staircase to get past the ticket check post, I realised that I was about to come face to face with the ex of all exes—that special ex after whom you go on a soul searching journey because the break up was so damn hard and messy and confusing.

Yep, this special ex, it was him standing on the staircase with his new girlfriend. I stood there with my friends waiting for my body to react and have a meltdown. I felt numb.

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Rising in Love

I must have her...

He starves himself until there are is no hunger, until there are no mountains and the ocean is gone.

They rise together in love as Man and Woman.

This is the true love story of Bhavish and Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi is my little cousin and Bhavish the lucky man who won her heart!

And...yes he actually starved himself for a week to convince his family to accept the woman he loves so!

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