Divya Amin prints and patterns are created from a deeply personal spiritual process. Paintings are created in meditation and with higher guidance and they carry healing energy. 

These paintings are laid out and joined into continuous patterns, which are then digitally printed onto 100% natural luxurious fabrics, to create high vibrational spiritual clothing.

The first collection features silk scarves made from 7 of our favourite paintings or patterns of love as we love to call them.  Not only do the prints feel beautiful and soothing when you wear them, they are meaningful as each pattern has a story and a vibrational energy. The colours that go into these scarves are neutral and can be worn while matching it with everyday clothing. It is fashionable as well as providing you with healing vibrations that can let you feel calm and composed.

You could buy these silk scarves online at the most affordable price where they are worth the price you pay. They feel comfortable and soothing whenever you have them on you. It serves as a great gifting option for women where you can pass on the goodness of being healing naturally.