Divya Amin prints are based on 7 Patterns of Love. 

Discover the truth held in each Pattern.

Divya Amin paintings- Toofan.jpg



Toofan, the Storm- Pattern of Change and Transformation


 Toofan in Sanskrit means "Storm". 

As the name suggests, I made this painting with healing patterns during Christmas at a time when a storm was brewing within me. 

I had just been to a spiritual camp, which had brought up a lot for me to confront and let go. So like a storm, like a volcano I erupted channeling all that I had to let go into this painting, coming out ready after the wave to start the journey back home to my soul".

Change is like a volcano that starts right from our core, the soul, erupting through the body, completely engulfing the heart and disarming the mind. All that we know, all that we thought we are, all that we think we may be; everything is erased with one swift motion. What is left is a field of truth, ready to be sown for a new harvest of pure love.




Milan, the reunion- Pattern of Love


Milan in Urdu means "reunion" or "loving reunion"

 I painted Milan right after Jazba, after I connected with my inner passion. The colors pink and lilac called me loudly, colors of love and spirituality. As I painted this piece, I was filled with so much love and peace that everything will be OK and all will fall into place in divine time.

Whenever I want to bring in more love to my heart, to a situation or an experience; I welcome the vibrations of Milan through coloring this healing pattern or by wearing a scarf with this pattern.

When we pursue passion in our lives, whether it is through creativity, a relationship or through travel, whatever it might be; when passion is honored, love is bound to be awakened. The loving re union, Milan between the Body, heart and soul begins.



Udaan, Flying- Pattern of Inspiration and Abundance


Udaan in Sankrit means "Flying" or "the flight"

Love, health, wealth and abundance in the four corners of this painting vibrating brightly gave flight to my passion and purpose in life.

 This Mandala I created unintentionally in deep meditation affirming my passion for life, starting the flight of my dream into purpose, into a project, into Divya Amin.

 When we begin our walk back home, the road, the journey is marked with rewards. These rewards may be wisdom, awakenings, holy encounters, relationships, abundance or wealth. What is in your highest destiny, begins to appear in your life at the right time, in divine time.

 This mandala or the healing pattern opens the gateway to the vibrations of Love, Health, Wealth and abundance.



Behek, Tempation- Pattern of Surrender


Behek means "Temptation" in Urdu. 

Behek took me a while to paint, whilst it is a simple art piece, it represents the strength it took me to resist the temptation to revert to an old pattern of fear. 

I painted this healing pattern over few months, at first discarding the canvas after sketching the outline and then picking it back up again one night to add color.

 The vibrations in Behek helped me overcome a fear that haunted me all my life and it broke the wall that I had built between Love and I.

 This pattern is great to break any patterns known or unknown. If there is any aspect of your life that you want to surrender; hold the intention as you color in this pattern. The divine will help disarm any barriers, any control as you work with this vibration.



Leher, Gentle Wave- Pattern of Patience


 Leher means "Gentle Wave" in Sanskrit.

 I love this painting it is so soft, gentle and soothing and yet it has the power to move us like a big wave.  After Behek, after I broke an old pattern, I made Leher, which signifies a new wave of soft gentle vibrations that I drew into my life taking me closer and closer to love ;)

 The little dots in the painting is symbolic of energy as it appeared while meditating before beginning this healing pattern. After every surrender, there is silence, a deafening silence that can be confronting and scary. In this stillness, it is tempting to return to old patterns. Only with great restraint and a great deal of patience can this wave be ridden to the shore.

 This pattern helps bring the wisdom of embracing silence and the stillness of patience into the body that may have become used to chaos. Help your body ease into this calm energy. It will be grateful to you for life :)





Henna- Pattern of Endings and New beginnings


Henna is symbolic of a girl stepping into womanhood. In Eastern cultures, palms of girls are decorated at puberty and again at the time of their wedding. It is a feminine declaration that she is now a young woman and ready for a lifetime of togetherness with her beloved.

 I painted henna with healing patterns during the wedding of a dear friend. During the celebration I dreamt of my own wedding and henna was born beautiful dark and red, ready to be lit inside out with love. Every time I look at henna I remember all the weddings I have been part of, the delicate hands of the lovely bride and my own palms adorned with light.

 When a girl steps into womanhood, an aspect of her comes to an end and the young woman in her comes into being.  Many of us age in years and in body we appear as women. Deep within us some of us hides a little child, a young girl, or a teenager who is waiting for healing and peace.

Through Henna, brings this aspect of you to light and let go.

 Its time for a new beginning.......



Jazba- Pattern of Passion


Jazba meaning "passion" in Urdu.

This painting I made crying tears of anger and frustration for the love I felt for, my beloved who I longed for so deeply. 

As I began, my anger turned into sadness and the pain reached deep into my heart. This pain went into my very core, unlocking the hidden passion that I had attempted to mask all my life

 When I finished and finally looked at the canvas, I let go, I healed, I realized that it wasn’t another’s, but my own passion that I longed for….

 This healing pattern is so deep and hot, its vibrations come to life when its colored. If there are creative projects and dreams that you have longed to pursue for a while and have not known how or where to begin;

Jazba will activate the heat, the passion within.


Watch the transformation of Healing Art into patterns and prints on fabric