Strength & Flow of Good fortune- Turquoise earrings

Divya Amin Turquoise Earrings nbe801.jpg
Divya Amin Turquoise Earrings nbe801.jpg

Strength & Flow of Good fortune- Turquoise earrings


Product Type: Earrings Metal: Brass Semi Precious Stone/crystal: Turquoise Plating: Gold & Anti Tarnish  Width: 25mm, Height: 50mm

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Turquoise- The gift of spiritual authority and strength

 Turquoise is an everyday stone, useful and healing in all situations. 

Turquoise has been prized by native cultures for thousands of years. Native American Indian tradition has a beautiful expression for the lines running through the stone, they say that they are cracks where the stone was protecting the wearer and took the blow of a situation or circumstances for them.

 Turquoise has many beautiful properties- it is a stone of protection and truth, of good fortune and an affirmation of high spiritual destiny that is available to us. It bestows a vibration upon the bearer of alignment to flow and good fortune, and to strength and protection.

 Turquoise strengthens the immune system on the physical level and provides great psychic protection on the emotional and energetic level. It helps one gather enough energetic distance and space to discern what belongs to the self as a thought or energy and what actually originates from another.

 There is an energy of grace and divine love within turquoise that seems to bestow special blessing upon those to whom it comes. It is like Mother Earth lends some of her protective power to those that wear it.

Divya Amin donates $7 from your purchase towards a charity that helps women and girls who are at risk or have been sexually abused. Visit the page on charities for information on the projects supported by Divya Amin.