Peace & Soul Connection- Smoky Quartz necklace

Divya Amin Smoky quartz necklace nbn066.jpg
Divya Amin Smoky quartz necklace nbn066.jpg

Peace & Soul Connection- Smoky Quartz necklace


Product Type: Necklace Metal: Brass Semi GemStones/crystal: Smoky Quartz 

Plating: Gold & Anti Tarnish Width: Pendant: 17mm Height: Pendant: 25mm Length: 42cms 

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Smoky Quartz: The gift of soul connection, grounding and mercy

Smoky Quartz is a feel good stone. It lifts depression and negativity, helps clear fear and any dense vibrational energy from the body, surrounding the user with a feeling of gentle comfort, peace and reassurance. It is both powerful and extremely gentle.

Smoky Quartz helps ground the spiritual energy of the soul into the body, which is where our transformation takes place.  

Smoky Quartz helps dissolve and protect the energy field as these energies arise to be released. From fear and even darkest terror, to despair, depression, suicidal thoughts and negative fantasies of violence and destruction (of self and others), to nightmares and general toxicity in mind, emotions and body, Smoky Quartz supports us through it all. These energies will arise as the body releases dense vibration to create space for the soul light to manifest.

Smoky Quartz is the main crystal to use for any cases of radiation and its negative impact on our wellbeing. From managing the effects of chemotherapy treatments at one extreme to dealing with the day to day reality of living in the stream of radiation from televisions, wireless internet, microwave ovens and so on.

Placing a large Smoky Quartz around the home and requesting that it absorbs and release excess radiation into the earth is helpful. These crystals are powerful, having been subjected to extremely high levels of natural earth radiation in their formation over million of years. By capturing and returning man made radiation that could be harmful to us, this crystal serves the greater wellbeing on this planet and her inhabitants.

Divya Amin donates $7 from your purchase towards a charity that helps women and girls who are at risk or have been sexually abused. Visit the page on charities for information on the projects supported by Divya Amin.