Love & Forgiveness- Rose Quartz moon woman bracelet

Divya Amin Rose Quartz bracelet nbr435.jpg
Divya Amin Rose Quartz bracelet nbr435.jpg

Love & Forgiveness- Rose Quartz moon woman bracelet

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Product Type: Bracelet Metal: Brass Semi GemStones: Rose Quartz Plating: Gold & Anti Tarnish Width: 17mm Length: 70mm

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Rose Quartz- The gift of heart healing, unconditional love, forgiveness and healing against jealousy

Rose Quartz is a healer par excellence. It can be combined with any crystal to bring softness and comfort and is a perfect stone to use with those that are sensitive as it will work on healing in an effective but non-confrontational and non-aggressive manner.

Rose Quartz creates a field of love and support, a comforting presence that creates a sense of safety and trust, of being held, which can make the fear lessen its closing grip around the heart, so it can open and shed old pain without resistance or struggle.

Rose Quartz is also a great stone to use with those that have a lot of anger or a violent nature and have not yet truly received and learned to integrate the gifts of tenderness, gentleness, softness and love.

The presence of Rose Quartz can help dissolve the trauma and release the suffering of the heart without pushing the person to a stronger and more cathartic emotional release, which may not be tolerable for them. The gift of genuine and unconditional love is that it doesn’t demand, it just gives. Rose Quartz holds this energy of allowing for emotional healing in ones own time. There is no push, just endless presence of gentle invitation to open the heart and receive.

 Rose Quartz also teaches one of the master healing lessons of the heart chakra, which is forgiveness.

Divya Amin donates $7 from your purchase towards a charity that helps women and girls who are at risk or have been sexually abused. Visit the page on charities for information on the projects supported by Divya Amin.