Intuition & Protection- Lapis Lazuli earrings

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Divya Amin Lapis Earrings nbe364.jpg

Intuition & Protection- Lapis Lazuli earrings


Product Type: Earrings Metal: Brass Semi GemStones/crystal: Lapis Lazuli Plating: Gold & Anti Tarnish, Width: 24mm, Height: 61mm

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Lapis Lazuli- The gift of vision, insight and protection

 Lapis Lazuli was prized in ancient civilizations like Egypt for its intense, vivid royal blue color. The translation of Lapis Lazuli is “Stone of the sky” or “stone of the heavens”.

 There is an energetic quality in Lapis that expands our vision that broadens our perspective and viewpoint. An esoteric way of describing this would be to say that Lapis opens the third eye, the energetic gateway in the body through which higher perception enters our consciousness and we become capable of clear sight.

 Lapis is protective against psychic attack, helping to raise our vibration to a place of detachment and love so that we can either deflect or release such attacks without fear but from a place of compassionate understanding. Its ability to undo negative effects of psychic attacks and clear us quickly and effectively is a real gift.

 The energy of Lapis penetrates the physical body and helps rebalance and heal the throat and third eye chakras. It opens perception, balances energy, assists and regulation of hormone function, supports wellbeing of the eyes and helps heal the hearing- both physical and on a spiritual level. Lapis strengthens and clarifies our sense of discernment on the spiritual level and increases our sense of smell on the physical level.

 Lapis also brings peace and bestows spiritual confidence, which we all need from time to time when taking a leap into a new level of experience.

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